Tuesday, June 28, 2005

puppies in paradise

I'm in Ko Samet!! This place is astoundingly gorgeous, and my body and brain are completely relaxed and removed from the past few weeks. We stay in small bungalows right near a small, white beach that gives way to gently undulating and warm teal water through which you can see all the way down to your feet! Since arriving, all we've really done is relax and play. The beach, fairly sparsely populated all the time, is covered with tiny crabs who make hundreds of little sand-spit-balls, and the occasional washed-up ten-legged starfish bigger than a frisbee. There is also a litter of just about the cutest 2-week-old puppies ever, who keep us constantly distracted with their antics and their sandy little faces. The place is quiet and perfect. A short walk up the beach reveals plenty of restaurants, and there are also places to rent motorbikes (i'm too chicken), kayaks (hopefully tomorrow), and snorkeling gear. Sitting on the beach, we are occasionally approached by people selling fruit, som tum (spicy papaya salad), sarongs, or massages. i think i'm going to get a massage today. there is really nothing to possibly complain about. of course, i don't even feel like i'm in thailand at all anymore, which is partly a relief and partly a shame, and it will be an adjustment to re-enter BKK and a few more weeks of thai life.
today we did our presentations of our experiences to one another, as a dry run of whatever we end up doing in the fall. the group trip officially ends tomorrow, even though we're all hanging around here a bit longer (i can't believe i was originally planning on leaving the 29th!).
anyway, i can't possibly sit in here any longer on this perfect afternoon. hope all is well at home! talk soon!


Blogger kim the midwife said...

I just read all of your posts in one delicious bite. I am transported to your world of now and no longer struggling to stay awake in this fluorescent, windowless office away from all I hold dear. Thank you for that- and for taking me back to 4 months in East Africa. So much of your experience- emotional, physical, political- is familiar to me (I'll try to dig up a 1991 photo of my National Geographic-esque cracked heels). I know right now you don't want to think of leaving... but we can't wait to hear more when you get to Oakland. Much love- Kim

5:30 AM  
Blogger kim the midwife said...

hey- check out http://bkkstreetdogs.blogspot.com/

10:44 AM  

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