Thursday, July 07, 2005

adventures in lopburi

ok, so a quick post-- i go talk about american law (??) in 10 minutes.
yesterday was exciting, though. first off, in my EFL class, i was teaching a couple older people who have never learned to read and write at all, in any language. with a lot of time and one-on-one attention, they both completed a ditto where they had to write english words to match with pictures. the man is 67. i think this was one of the first times they had written anything in their lives. as they left the classroom, the old man (who has an incredible amount of trouble with his english pronunciation-- it doesnt sound ANYTHING like what i am trying to get him to say) looked pretty proud of his paper. wow.
after class, i got the rest of the day off to go see lopburi. touger's nice little assistant, what's-his-face, took me to see the ruins of the old palace (reminiscent of ayuthaya, only way smaller) and then the monkeys!!!!!! the monkeys were awesome, although some of them did climb up my leg and gnaw on it a little bit. mostly they leave you alone, though. i was warned to hang onto my stuff, apparently they love to steal anything shiny or colorful that you're not hanging onto and just run away with it. i got to sort of hold hands with a couple of the babies, though, and i was amazed at how soft their little fingers are!! wow. so cool. oh yeah and, unlike what would happen in america, there is no sign reading "beware of monkeys," etc etc. they are just free to walk everywhere and climb across the power lines over the street and jump around on the building facades. i even saw 3 sitting in an empty police box. they're so funny!
in the evening, i got roped into going out to a karaoke bar with 11 other people from here. originally, i didn't think there were a whole lot of other young people here, but it turns out there is a whole big karaoke-lovin bunch of them! none as young as me, i think, but some in early- mid 20s.
ok, gotta go teach class. i'll relate more of the harrowing experience of the karaoke bar later.


Blogger Dad said...

Monkeys, karaoke, speaking a mix of French and Thai, riding on tuk-tuks. Actually, that does sound fun! (But I hope you don't think we're going to join you in any karaoke when you get back to home turf.)

I like the pictures posted on the Thailand website, and I can't wait to see the snapshots and photographs you're making. Please keep getting lots of color pictures!

It sounds like you've set up a wonderful challenge for yourself, with the immersion in Thai language and culture, the work you were doing at the monastery/school/farm, and the work you're doing now to help those poor folks who are finally being shipped out to America, leaving their displaced persons' camp with scant preparation and all their earthly possessions in a 20 kilo bag. Wow. What a great opportunity for you, to help people who so desperately need help, and who can benefit so greatly from contact with a kind young person like you. Thinking about it is truly moving for me.

I'm happy for you, proud of you, and missing you like crazy. Can't wait to have you back at home with us.


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