Sunday, July 03, 2005

happy 4th, kiss a crab for me

My time at Ko Samet is over; I’m back in real Thailand now. Those days slipped past so quickly, I can’t believe I passed a week lying there on the beach and floating in that warm turquoise water. Actually, a large fraction of my time was devoted to those puppies. There was also a bit of disco action, even a karaoke bar—though you didn’t catch me singing, you’d be hard pressed to do that—and a lovely sunset watched on a rocky outcropping on the western side of the island (TubTim, where we stayed, is on the east side). I was sad to wave goodbye to John, Tarn, Sarah, Allison, Darrion, and Ken (the remains of the group plus one or 2 friendly SMC additions) as they stood in the surf and we sped away in the boat.
Away from the island’s tranquility, things are typically Thai again. Before we had gotten halfway to BKK, the back hatch door of our van flew open and our suitcases tumbled out into the middle of the highway. Fortunately, our driver stopped and retrieved them, and they didn’t cause any accidents or even get run over (!). In the moments where it looked like a couple of semi trucks were headed straight for my bag, I was doing some quick thinking about whether there was anything valuable (or crushable) in there, and I think the answer was no on both counts, but I was glad nonetheless to have my clothes and books back.
In BKK, Claudia and I arrived at Bangkok Christian Guest House, an establishment that holds no special place in either of our hearts but is very convenient to the IOM office where I’ll be heading tomorrow morning. We went to dinner (Italian!) with Chris and Karen & Sarah Siler, Darrion’s mom and sister, who joined us for the trip to Ko Samet and are a lot of fun. Back at the guest house, our power went out twice before we could get ourselves into bed, but eventually stabilized.
Claudia left for the airport at 4am this morning. I got up latish and spent the day doing little errands and then hanging out with Chris and the Silers again. Chris left for the airport later in the afternoon, and I saw Karen and Sarah off a little bit ago. Now I’m on my own for the night, and am about to head back to good ol BCGH (with a picture of a Caucasian Jesus hanging in the lobby, lots of cross stitch everywhere, and no alcohol or durian allowed on the premises) to repack my stinky clothes, do a little reading, and zonk out. In the morning, I awake in search of various offices, ready to hop in a car to monkeytown.


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